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The Society For the Study of Gambling


The Society for the Study of Gambling was formed in 1977 to provide a forum for those concerned with research into gambling, to promote its scientific study especially as far as the psychological, legal, social and economic aspects are concerned, and to inform and educate the public about these matters, as well as holding meetings twice a year.


About our meetings

We hold two meetings a year which have, so far, always taken place in London, and are held under The Chatham House Rule. The current fee for membership of the Society is £25 per annum for individual members and £125 per annum for corporate membership. Additionally, an attendance fee is levied of £30 per meeting or £15 for those who are full-time students. The cost for non-members who have notified us in advance will be £35 per meeting

In these meetings, we discuss topics reflecting current issues concerning legislation and the new Gambling Act, regulation, research and statistics, probity and social responsibility, aspects of gambling activity as they relate to all sectors of the gambling field, as well as technology both on and off-line.


Our latest topic of discussion: Online slots

In one of our latest meetings, we discussed the benefits of using online slot machines, as opposed to using traditional machines. Not only is using online slot machines far more convenient, encouraging more users to participate in slots (which is great for the gambling industry), but it also enables greater control over spending - something we feel strongly about.

For example, if you want to budget how much you spend when gambling (and curb negative habits) when setting up an account on one of the newest slots sites, users can easily set spending caps and limits to ensure that they only spend as much as they can afford to. This oversight is only available with online slots, making online slots perfect for those that want to be in control of their spending.

What's more, online slot machines offer free bonuses and exclusive offers through text or email, too, which is often more regular and generous than in-person offers.



The Society produces one to two newsletters a year containing papers that have been presented at Society meetings and other relevant information. You can find further information on the Newsletter page. You can obtain copies of the current Society for the Study of Gambling Newsletter using this form.



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The Society is planning to update its website over the next few months. If you are interested in bidding for the contract to redevelop and maintain this website please view the tender document..


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